Southern Malaysia: A Dutch, a Portuguese and a British…

The beautiful banks of Malacca river

The beautiful banks of Malacca river

On November 30 we left our centrally located hotel in Kuala Lumpur to reach Malacca by monorail, train and bus. The famous historic city of Malacca has a very interesting history loaded with seafearers and pirates alike. The city center has been named a UNESCO world heritage site for a reason, because the traces of the different peoples who controlled the city are very well visible. Continue reading

Kuala Lumpur: A Changing City

Kuala Lumpur is evolving rapidly...

Kuala Lumpur is evolving rapidly…

From the refreshing coolness of the Cameron Highlands we descended back into the heat of the lowlands. In less than 4 hours our bus managed the windy road to Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur. With all the time in the world we explored not only the sights of the big city, but also the trademark of Malaysia, the food.
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Alor Setar and Penang: First Steps in Malaysia

The streets in George Town's old town have character

The streets in George Town’s old town have character

Our transfer from Thailand to Malaysia could have been so easy. Put quite a bit of money on the table for a ferry ticket from Ko Li Pe to Langkawi and done! We decided to try a slightly more complicated and more adventurous route and still made it. In Alor Setar and Penang we could gather some first experiences with delicious food and divers people in a country which could be a role model for other countries around the world.
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