Harbin: Ice Capital

The last stop on our journey from Moscow to Beijing by train was Harbin in North-East China. The captial of Heilongjiang provinces experienced lots of different influences which one can still recognize today. Besides these influences, especially the Russian old town, the ice plays a particularly important role when it comes to what the city is famous for.

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Irkutsk: In the Heart of Siberia

The next stop of our journey was the typical stop on any of the railway trips across Siberia: Irkutsk. One could easily recognize that Irkutsk is a very touristy pace given the numerous options for accommodation as for example Yekaterinburg and also the attractions and options for tourists. Only 70km from lake Baikal and located directly on the Angara River, the city is a perfect base to discover Siberian life a little bit. We decided to stay in Irkutsk for 4 full days.

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Yekaterinburg: At the Borders

Our first stop on our journey from Moscow to Beijing by train was Yekaterinburg. Our fellow travelers on the train asked us what reason there was to stop in Yeksterinburg, they werenâEURTMt aware of anything interesting. However the city itself has a few things to offer and an important attraction for us is located just outside this city in the Ural Mountains.
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Moscow: A New Tale Begins

For almost a year,Lenka and I have been living in Beijing. The year has brought many changes and lessons had to be learned. However the life in the Chinese capital has become every-day life. Through Chinese classes the interaction with the locals becomes easier and easier, even though there is still a lot to be learned. Although travel time has become limited Lenka and I managed to get away once more. Through the visit of my parents in Switzerland another trip from Europe to Asia became a necessity. For only the second time in my life I was to tavel across this continental divide. Last time I crossed the Bosphorus in Istanbul by boat to make the traverse, this time it was going to be the train. The adventure started in Moscow. Continue reading