Wuxi (无锡)

Wuxi, the old city on the Hangzhou-Beijing canal
Wuxi, the old city on the Hangzhou-Beijing canal
Chengzhong Park in the city center
Old town, Huishan St
Giant buddha steps
The 88m-tall buddha statue at Lingshan
Inside Lingshan Brahma Palace

Nanjing (南京)

Nanjing downtown from Xuanwu Lake
Jiming Temple on the Southern shore of Xuanwu Lake
View from the Dr. Sun Yatsen Memorial
Linggu Tower
Xuanwu Gate

Hangzhou (杭州)

A rainy day around the West Lake in Hangzhou
A rainy day around the West Lake in Hangzhou
A rainy day around the West Lake in Hangzhou
Hangzhou’s modern city center

Zhangjiajie (张家界)

Deep down in the valley in Wulingyuan heading towards the Huangshi section
Chinese hiking trail leading up to the Huangshi section of the Wulingyuan National Park
Huangshi section in Wulingyuan National Park
Sandstone pillars in the Huangshi section of Wulingyuan National Park
I keep being amazed by the names given to important places by the Chinese (and also the translations)
Climbing Tianmen (Heavenly Gate) mountain in the Wulingyuan National Park
Couldn’t have planned it better… the sandstone pillars in Wulingyuan National Park from Tianmen Mountain
Descending Tianmen Mountain

Fenghuang (凤凰)

Fenghuang old town with Tuojiang River
Historic water wheel at the shores of Tuojiang River in Fenghuang
The stilt houses which Fenghuang is famous for
Locals fishing in the Tuojiang River while the tourist season is over
A few tourist remain though… child in local Miao dress
Gambling is prevalent in China and a favorite past time
Apparently the umbrella was invented in China some 4000 years
Hongqiao, the famous “red bridge”, across the Tuojiang River
The Wanming Pagoda in Fenghuang

Shanghai (上海)

Pudong Financial District

The Bund

The Bund and Pudong Financial District at night

Left-overs of old Shanghai near Yu Garden

Yu Garden

Zhujiajiao Water Town near Shanghai

Jingan Temple

Beijing (北京)

Tianning Temple (天宁寺)

Wanshou Temple (万寿寺;)

National Centre for the Performing Arts

Wangjing Soho

Chaoyang Park

Chaoyang Park

South Lake (南湖)

Houhai Lake

Badaling Great Wall (八达岭长城)

Steep steps on Badaling Great Wall

Lama Temple (Yonghegong, 雍和宫)

Temple of Heaven (天坛)

Chuandixia 80km west of Beijing

Jiankou Great Wall

Dashilar Road

Dashilar Road

Forbidden City

Forbidden City

Kunming Lake (昆明湖) at the Summer Palace (颐和园)

Marco Polo ship at the Summer Palace

Confucius Temple

Jinshanling Great Wall

Jinshanling Great Wall

Botanical Gardens

Mount Pan (Panshan, 盘山)

Dongyue Temple

Tanzhe Temple

Jietai Temple

Marco Polo Bridge

Yuyuan Park

Cherry blossom at Yuyuan Park

Yuyuan Park with TV tower

Dashilar Road

Qianmen Road

Forbidden City as seen from Zhongshan Mountain

Beijing Central Business District

Temple on Fragrant Hills (香山)

Pagoda on Fragrant Hills (香山)

Pagoda on Fragrant Hills (香山)

Old Summer Palace (圆明园)

Black swan at the Old Summer Palace (圆明园)

Old Summer Palace (圆明园)

Jiankou Great Wall

The gate of heavenly peace (Tiananmen, 天安门)