3 thoughts on “Yangon General Post Office

  1. Hi Oli,

    I am interested in the Yangon post office! I wonder if you went inside. Has it been modernized recently? I was there in 2013 and it was full of life, particularly upstairs, but quite a muddle. Apart from a private courier service desk just inside the entrance nothing looked as if it had been changed for at least 50 years. I would really appreciate hearing from you. I could even send a few photos of what I saw. I am thinking of returning to photograph again so I really need to know if the post office has changed at all.



    • Hi John,

      Unfortunately we didn’t go inside at the time, so I can’t tell whether it was still functional. Too long ago that I would remember. Certainly worth reserving an extra day to make sure you can ask for opening times, if there are any or be prepared to spend some time in the area 😉



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